mcubes Gan 13 Maglev UV Magnetic Magic Speed Cube



The GAN13 M MagLev UV 3×3 is the famous manufacturer’s latest flagship 3×3. This puzzle is loaded with 88 magnets! 8 core magnets, 56 piece magnets, 12 repulsion magnets, and 12 maglev rings all come together to give you the most amazing 3×3 ever conceived.
This puzzle is fully adjustable meaning you can fine tune the compression/travel distance, the tension, and the magnet strength. All combined, this gives you 216 unique different set ups.
And with all of this tech packed into this small package, it still manages to be one of the lightest 3x3s currently available at 71g.

Comes with:
GAN13 MagLev UV
GAN box
GAN bag
Tuning stick
Beginner tutorial
Tuning manual
GAN ID card

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Gan 13 maglev FX, Gan 13 maglev uv, Gan13 maglev frosted


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