This Backpack is made of black gray high-quality fabric, which is resistant to dirt and abrasion and can effectively protect the contents of the bag. The colorful prints are both beautifully decorated and the logo of the magic friends.The crowd makes you more versatile. A multi-purpose package, better understand what you think.


The detachable mobile partition is built in, making it easy to put in 16 57MM magic cubes. The front pocket area can be used to store bus cards, meal cards, change, and stationery, making it easy to use at any time


Double pockets on the side for easy storage of water bottles and umbrellas. The internal storage space is large, and there are multiple pockets in addition to the large-capacity main bag. The partitions are clearly and convenient to store the textbooks, magic cube, travel clothing and other items can be stored in one package, which is perfect for learning, competition, travel and other occasions. The back is covered with a full mesh surface, which absorbs shock and pressure, and can effectively relieve back pressure, comfortable and breathable. Comfortable handles, easy to move, save space when not in use. Exquisite seams, strong and strong, making the backpack more durable...

MoYu Backpack

color: black
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