The MoYu TangLong is now available! The latest cube from MoYu features various improvements upon previous MoYu 3x3s, and it is expected to be yet another superb cube in MoYu's 3x3 lineup. 

The MoYu TangLong is also available in many additional colors that were previously not available on MoYu 3x3s, including Teal, Grey, and Brown.


Cube Dimensions 56.5mm x 56.5mm x 56.5mm
Stock Color Scheme MoYu/QiYi Color Scheme
Fitted Stickers 3x3 56mm - TangLong Stickers
Full-Fitted Stickers 3x3 56mm - TangLong FF Stickers
Factory-Fitted Stickers 3x3 56mm - TangLong Stickers

MoYu TangLong 3x3


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