The GAN356 Air UM is a magnetized GAN356 Air Ultimate, GAN’s flagship 3x3 and current world record cube for both single and average. The Air UM is the world’s first mass produced magnetic 3x3, and is the culmination of a collaboration between GAN and Cubicle Labs. The Air UM offers an outstanding blend of lightness and stability, along with a unique tactile feel thanks to the cube’s magnetic pieces. The attraction between pieces also provides significant reductions in overshooting and locking up. 
The GAN 356 Air UM features purple GES nuts pre-installed, along with a pair of tensioning tools, a package containing the six other GES nuts, a CFOP pamphlet, GAN VIP card, and blue GAN cube bag.


GAN 356 Air UM

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    356 Air UM

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